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THREI's Mission


We encourage the use and development of renewable energy in a sustainable fashion using the competitive marketplace.  This encompasses the entire marketplace, from the consumer seeking to purchase renewable energy, to small companies utilizing new energy sources for their power needs, and to large multinational corporations developing projects or capitalizing on the market value of renewable energy.




Services the Institute Provides

  • We serve as an education resource for the consumer.

  • We keep Institute members apprised of developments via web posts and email.

  • We monitor certain state and federal actions that deal with renewables, become a party to those proceedings and focus on a competitive market prospective in the discussions. 

  • We recommend and promote state and federal actions to encourage the compatibility of renewable energy definitions and trading across state lines.

  • We provide newsletters and position papers in support of the developing renewable energy marketplace.

  • We provide and initiate other means of support for developers, OEM's, and suppliers to encourage the promotion and use of renewables.

  • We establish and support operational and ad hoc committees to support issues dealing with renewable energy markets.

  • We hold meetings of interest to members that support open market positions.

  • As suggested and requested by members, we issue RFP's and award contracts for research and development of renewable issues as deemed appropriate by our membership.

  • We showcase renewable projects and capabilities of members in the marketplace.

  • We act as a central repository of market information on developing renewable energy markets.

  • We host, sponsor or support national and international conferences on the development, consistency and liquidity of renewable markets.



Annual Membership Dues

Corporate                              $500

Business Owners                  $350

Non-Profit                             $100

Individual                               $50

Retiree                                  $30

Student                                 $20



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Please make checks payable to:
  The Hudson Renewable Energy Institute, Inc.


Send Check and Membership Form to:

 The Hudson Renewable Energy Institute, Inc.

9 Vassar Street, Suite 38

Poughkeepsie, New York 12601


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